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Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 | 11:30:00 am

On 21May 2011 Kaufman gave a concert as part of The Reykjavík Arts Festival. 

The details were as follows:

Puccini                  Tosca                      Recondita Armonia 
Bizet                    Carmen                    La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetee 
Massenet             Werther                    Pourquoi me Reveiller
Mascagni            Cavalleria                 Addio a la Madre
Zandonai             Giulietta e Romeo     Giulietta son Io 
Ponchielli             La Gioconda            Cielo e Mar 
Wagner               Lohengrin                 In Fernem Land

It was broadcast on RAS 1. and it seems to still be available here . Now, I don't speak Icelandic but trying to make sense of the site, I believe that it will remain available for 6 days after the concert, but I might be wrong. Listen while you can.

Listen Here (click)

Review from the Telegraph:
The star of the festival’s opening weekend was the German tenor Jonas Kaufmann. To an audience that included the president and minister of culture among other VIPs, he performed a relatively predictable selection of Romantic opera arias, mostly French and Italian, to show off his talents.
 Kaufmann can claim to be one of the world’s finest tenors, and he just keeps getting better. He has a particularly rich, chocolatey bottom register, but every part of his voice is firm and focused. His pianissimos are delicate, his fortissimos ringing, and he gives the impression of having power in reserve.
He was accompanied by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, which will now be based at Harpa along with Icelandic Opera. It has waited a long time for a home of its own – it previously played at the university cinema – and its enthusiasm was evident in its vigorous if not always highly disciplined playing under Peter Schrottner.
Telegraph: Reykjavik Arts Festival, Harpa,

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