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ENO, Goethe's Faust, Terry Gilliam, Audio Interview. Download

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday 24 May 2011 | 10:00:00 am

Occasionally, I will put up "none" Wagner related posts (when the mood takes me) However, in my defense, there are obvious connections between Wagner and Berlioz and Wagner and the Nazis. Plus, I like Terry Gillian's films.

I'm not hosting this download but instead the link is hosted by the BBC. I have no idea  how long the BBC will continue to make this available so download while you can.

Music Matters: BBC Radio 3 - Saturday 7 May 2011

Sara Mohr-Pietsch talks to Terry Gilliam as the former Python and cult film-maker makes his opera directing debut with Berlioz's controversial take on Goethe's Faust, set in Nazi Germany. Also, Shostakovich’s 15 string quartets - a "diary of his soul", said his widow. We hear from Wendy Lesser, the author of Music for Silenced Voices, who traces the real composer, but also from expert performers: Eugene Drucker from the Emerson Quartet and Alan George from the Fitzwilliams. Also, the folk music world pay tribute to The Singing Englishmen, a seminal concert from the 1951 Festival of Britain, we talk to those involved: Andy Mellon & Pete Flood from folk group Bellowhead, fiddle player Lisa Knapp, and Dave Arthur, biographer of Bert Lloyd, who curated the original gig. And we visit the University of Plymouth's Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research to discover pioneering projects combining music and technology, including a piece for sax and artificial whales.

Download the podcast from the BBC By right clicking here and "saving as.." Running Time: 49 mins

Direct link to download: