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Email And Apologies

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 26 May 2019 | 9:16:00 pm

As a number of you are aware, the website was down for 5 days at the beginning of this month. This was due to an error by our previous domain host renewing the domain {Ed: Not helped by the fact that its technical team and customer services would make Siegfried appear as an intellectual. "Das ist kein Mann!"). Needless to say, we eventually gave up and swapped domain hosts.  Alas, however, we retained our email host but forgot to update the DNS with our new domain host!. In simple terms, this means we have not been receiving any of your usual emails for the past month or so.  We have fixed it now though and we should be receiving emails again in the next 72 hours - at the most.

So, if you have sent us something via email, if you would kindly email again we will be happy to read and respond if required,

As a way of apology, please, should you be so inclined, find a full recording of Siegfried below.

July 28, 1960
Siegfried Hans Hopf
Mime Herold Kraus
Brünnhilde Birgit Nilsson
Wanderer Hermann Uhde
Alberich Otokar Kraus
Fafner Peter Roth-Ehrang
Erda Marga Höffgen
Waldvogel Dorothea Siebert