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Breaking: The Hartford Wagner Festival Release A Statement

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 5 June 2014 | 4:35:00 pm

In what is perhaps,  a response to what some might describe as extraordinarily juvenile behavior,  on their Facebook page  The Hartford Wagner Festival have released the following clarification:

"This project of presenting "Das Rheingold" was originally conceived to use a digital orchestra and was never intended to use a live orchestra. There was never an opportunity for instrumentalists to be involved in the first place and consequently there is no loss of work for them. 

The project was solely designed to employ and test the use of a digital orchestra in a performance situation as the state of the art of sampled instruments has progressed immensely in recent years. The project was also designed to give American singers the ability to try our these roles in a smaller theater and add them to their resumes which would allow them the opportunity to perform the roles in larger houses here and abroad. 

All of our artists and their managements were aware of the scope of the project and agreed to perform knowing that we would be utilizing a digital orchestra. The excitement within our organization has continued to build as we come closer to our performances. The addition of our new Music Director has added to the opportunity to create an even better event for the public. 

Once again, however, let me reiterate that the project was never intended to use anything other than a digital orchestra and therefore no opportunities for musicians have been lost. We have, however, provided opportunities for 32 singers, conductors, pianists, production staff etc. that they would not have had without our production of "Das Rheingold."