A Wagner Poem By Charles Bukowski. Illustrated by Pat Moriarity

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 | 5:15:00 pm

This was brought to our attention by a very kind reader. My German Buddy is a poem by Charles Bukowski illustrated by Pat Moriarity and is centered around listening to Wagner. As Moriarity explains:

 "During the last two years of his life, Charles Bukowski allowed me to create comics out of a few of his poems. I drew four or five of them, mostly for Big Mouth but also for Zero Zero. The deal was this — to send him the finished comic book plus a check for 25 bucks, for each story he wrote. So now I have several cashed checks with Bukowski’s signature on the back! I originally got in touch with Bukowski through Dennis Eichhorn. Buk was reading Eichhorn’s comic book Real Stuff, (with some of my comics work therein) around the time I started drawing Big Mouth. This is the first Bukowski adaptation I did, called "My German Buddy," about the composer Wagner. Charles liked the results, and even wrote a letter with one of his own cartoons, which appeared in the letters pages of Big Mouth."

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