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The Wagner Series - Sculptures Inspired by Wagner's Dramas

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 6 November 2013 | 7:34:00 pm

Wagner has inspired many artists over the years: from poets, to composers, to writers to artists. The latest is  Norwich artist Vannessa Pooley, who after coming to Wagner only a few years ago, has begun a series of works based on his operas and dramas. As she says;

"Wagner was new to me three years ago and I had no intention of becoming a fan when I made myself listen to The Rheingold several times in preparation for a MET production at the cinema. And I got hooked."Having given more time to his operas since then I have utterly fallen for his music."

And I love to listen to Wagner as I work on my clay sculptures in my studio. Actually I would listen to Wagners music much of the day if I could. But hidden away in the studio is the best place to concentrate on his operas because there I can play it loud.

She goes on, "Next to Wagner ever other music falls short and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere or doing anything. When I make sculpture I want it to work on a deeper level with a strong emotional impact and resonance.

I feel this deep emotion in Wagner and this has inspired me to work on a series of sculptures based on characters in his operas, including Brünnhilde, Siegfried, Kundry and Tristan and Isolde.

Virtually all the sculpture I've found that is related to Wagner appears to be in the form of busts of the man. I feel so strongly about Wagner it seems natural to try to bring him into my sculpture.

However, I would prefer to explore the themes and imagery he uses than do a portrait of him. All those strong and passionate women characters and then of course the many lovers are creatively inspiring, for example Brünnhilde waiting on her rock surrounded by fire. I am trying her out on different bases for the rock. "

The first two works in this ongoing series can be found below. And for more about this work and its relationship the Wagner's music visit: Vannessa Pooley - recommended


Siegfried and Brunhilde

More at: Vannessa Pooley