Angela Gheorghiu Tells Kaufmann To Stop Singing Wagner & Wants RW To Write For Her

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 | 6:46:00 pm

Angela Gheorghiu in "Wagner is dead?" shock.

In an interview today, when asked about performing Wagner, Angela Gheorghiu said that she would do, if only he wrote for her voice (Ed: Has anyone told the poor dear that RW is actually dead?) - or indeed "any voice" Do what - we would have asked. And she would have clarified , "Wagner wrote such beautiful phrases, but as a singer you pay for that beauty (Ed: Yes Ms Gheorghiu, its called singing).

Indeed she goes onto to say that she would advice, Jonas Kaufmann to stop performing Wagner completely. He should concentrate on some nice Puccini or Verdi instead she suggested. (Ed: Or safer still, some songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber perhaps?)

How nice.

Read the full interview here. And yes she actually said "if he was alive" but that would hardly have been as amusing. Note however, that apart from the exclusion of those four words, the rest is as said