Video: Daniel Brenna Discusses Playing both Sigmund & Siegfried

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 28 October 2013 | 9:08:00 am

In 2011, more by accident then design that year, we saw a little known American tenor give a performance of Siegfried that both astounded us and indeed many others. At that time we suggested that readers might want to keep a close eye on Daniel Brenna and that prediction seems to have proven correct. Not only has he received more than positive reviews for performing both Sigmund & Siegfried at Operá Dijon's "reduced" Ring cycle but 2014 will see him perform Siegfried in a number of international Opera Houses - see just his Wagner dates below. For those of us in the UK he will be making his first appearance here in 3 years when he appears as Siegfried in Opera North's Götterdämmerung in June 2014.
The following interview - in English - is one given as part of the  Operá Dijon Ring cycle.

December 2013 01. Opernhaus Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER
21. Opernhaus Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER

January 2014 05. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER
19. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER

February 2014 08. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER
23. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER

23. Staatstheater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED
30. Staatstheaater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED

April 2014 05. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER
13. Staatstheater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED
18. Staatstheater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED
21. Staatstheater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED
27. Staatstheater Stuttgart Siegfried SIEGFRIED

May 2014 11. Theater Dortmund Tannhäuser TANNHÄUSER

June 2014 14. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED
18. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED
21. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED
28. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED

July 2014 05. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED
12. Opera North Götterdämmerung SIEGFRIED

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