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The Flying Dutchman: The Comic Book

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 5 September 2013 | 5:17:00 pm

In order to celebrate Richard Wagner's 200th birthday anniversary the Goethe-Institut was looking for adaptations of Wagner's magnificent work. Creating a "Flying Dutchman" comic was an exciting idea and working with artist Mat Tait turned out to be extremely rewarding. The Goethe-Institu have made the entire series available online to read for free and this can be found by clicking the link below.

Should you be in New Zealand, and not too far from Wellington, then you can pop into the Goethe-Institut there where they are holding an exhibition of Mat's complete original artwork. For an interview with Mat about this project please go here.

To view the entire comic please click here.  (Note although the site is in German, the comic is in English. Simply click the images in order of appearance).