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Featured Book: The Wagner Experience.

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 18 September 2013 | 12:55:00 pm

Readers may have noticed a new addition to the right-hand column of the site. Entitled "Featured Book" this will display a book cover of a  newly published Wagner related book that we feel is of particular merit and will rotate as the mood takes us. Clicking the image will take the reader to the book's site where further information can be found. A note however, this is not an a "paid advertisement" so readers worrying about the addition of advertising here need not worry.

This months book features Paul Dawson-Bowling's fascinating two volume set; The Wagner Experience. Volume two of which is more than worth the entrance price and may well be the most detailed analysis of Wagner's mature works since Newman's "Wagner Nights"

'People who take to the Wagner Experience encounter something wonderful, like gazing into a silver mirror which dissolves into a miraculous, self-contained world, glinting with life-changing possibilities. There are others who sense its appeal but find it difficult, and the first aim of this study is to provide an Open Sesame for anyone wanting it.' Paul Dawson-Bowling

'The distillation a lifetime's work which has clearly been a labour of love, this book is organised as two beautifully illustrated volumes.' Wagner News

'In every way remarkable... communicates essential truths and modes of understanding Wagner... [The Wagner Experience] is a wonderful culmination to a lifetime of devotion, and it deserves to be widely read and bought in large numbers. Any one reading [it] will have a well-informed, sympathetic, perceptive understanding of Wagner without any neglect of the more difficult aspects of his personality -- the egocentricity, the mood swingsJohn Derry, Professor Emeritus, University of Newcastle

'Paul Dawson-Bowling's book draws on a deep knowledge of medical and psychological matters to offer valuable insights into Wagner's inner life and thus into the works themselves.' Barry Millington

“I am nearly 80, but I am forever looking for adequate answers to Wagner’s questions. I have had many telephone conversations with Paul ad he is undoubtedly the man to examine the many questions that Wagner posed. These questions are now waiting to be explored by you, the reader. Read Paul’s book!Sir Donald McIntyre