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Tannhauser: Melchior Flagstad Janssen Thorborg Leinsdorf

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday 11 June 2013 | 12:12:00 am

Our editor makes a lucky find on youtube and feels like sharing. We promise you will not hear more from him for sometime.

Presently  reading volume 2 of  Paul Dawson-Bowling's The Wagner Experience  (An unusual book. Expect a review shortly). His chapter on Tannhauser has rekindled a long fascination with this work  once more. So much so, that I have been listening and watching a number of performances - including the 1942 Melchior, Flagstad, Janssen, Thorborg. Imagine my surprise  to find the entire recording just a moment ago on youtube. As far as I are aware this should no longer be in copyright in much, if not all of the world.

If so, it should be available to listen to in your country via youtube by clicking the link below. If not, being out of copyright, means that many different recording companies have released versions of it in various different "remasters". You should be able to find one relatively cheaply. Indeed, it is recommended that you do should you get the chance.