Wagner 200: 'Ring of the Nibelungen' an animated scenic progression

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 | 8:00:00 pm

Blair Parkinson, is an artist well known to us over on facebook and on his website. He has produced the following video to commemorate Wagner 200. As you can read from Blair's description below, this is just a small part of his 'Nibelungenlied' project. For full details and to view the work done so far, please visit Blair's blog: Living Horus. He also reviews the odd Wagner recording and video.  Recommended.

A personal tribute to Richard Wagner to mark the bicentennial of his birth. This is the culmination of around eight months work and the completion of the first stage of my 'Nibelungenlied' project.

It's an animated progression of each scene from the depths of the Rhine to the final apocalypse of the Immolation Scene.

There are few characters here, those in there are at the moment purely present to judge the scale. Characters and costumes are the next stage of the project. From there I'll combine the two to encompass the entire story.