'Blue Tulips: A love story' A new and very different Wagner-related book

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 10 March 2013 | 2:32:00 pm

We received the following recently and thought it might be of interest.

A book about and for Wagner lovers, for art lovers ...  actually for all lovers 

People who write books about Wagner's music are usually musicologists or historians, but a book has appeared on the market from a very different vantage point. Australian author Elizabeth Gordon has published an intimate, funny and ultimately brave autobiographical account about Wagner's music and its impact on her life.

Elizabeth Gordon is an artist (and scientist) and although much of her artwork is inspired by music she reacts as a listener, not musicologist. She writes with verve and humour, weaving her account about the effect Wagner's music is having on her life into an autobiography that is passionate, funny and moving. If you have ever tried to find a book for a friend who has not yet discovered Wagner's music, this is the one to buy as it tells the stories behind the music at the same time as describing their effect.