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New Wagner Book: The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 6 February 2013 | 4:35:00 pm

Nicholas Vazsonyi
Should you have a spare £120 then the following maybe of interest:

The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia
Edited by: Nicholas Vazsonyi, University of South Carolina
8 tables 48 music examples
Dimensions: 228 x 152 mm

Available from August 2013
c. £120.00

From the Publisher:
Richard Wagner is one of the most controversial figures in Western cultural history. He revolutionized not only opera but the very concept of art, and his works and ideas have had an immeasurable impact on both the cultural and political landscapes of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From 'absolute music' to 'Zurich' and from 'Theodor Adorno' to 'Hermann Zumpe', the vividly-written entries of The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia have been written by recognized authorities and cover a comprehensive range of topics. More than eighty scholars from around the world, representing disciplines from history and philosophy to film studies and medicine, provide fascinating insights into Wagner's life, career and influence. Multiple appendices include listings of Wagner's works, historic productions, recordings and addresses where he lived, to round out a volume that will be an essential and reliable resource for enthusiasts and academics alike.

Features Include:

• The most up-to-date and comprehensive reference source on Wagner available, with over five hundred    entries
• Contributions from over ninety international leading authorities in their fields
• Twelve appendices provide extensive supplementary information

Contributors include:

Roger Allen, Celia Applegate, Nicholas Attfield, Matthew BaileyShea, Evan Baker, David E. Barclay, John W. Barker, Mark Berry, Peter Bloom, Dieter Borchmeyer, David Breckbill, Werner Breig, Matt Bribitzer-Stull, Stephen Brockmann, Jeremy Coleman, David Cormack, Adrian Daub, John Deathridge, James Deaville, David B. Dennis, Johanna Dombois, Márton Dornbach, Stephen C. Downes, Ulrich Drüner, Glenn Ehrstine, Barbara Eichner, Barry Emslie, Jason Geary, William Gibbons, Sander L. Gilman, Hermann Grampp, Thomas S. Grey, Kaaren Grimstad, Erling E. Guldbrandsen, Joseph Horowitz, David Huckvale, Marion Kant, Kevin Karnes, Ulrike Kienzle, William Kinderman, Helmut Kirchmeyer, Lutz Koepnick, Juliet Koss, Gundula Kreuzer, Alexis Luko, Roberta Montemorra Marvin, Lydia Mayne, Stephen McClatchie, Patrick McCreless, William Melton, Margaret Eleanor Menninger, Stephen Meyer, Margaret Miner, Ryan Minor, Yvonne Nilges, James Parsons, Sanna Pederson, Pamela M. Potter, Eva Rieger, Michael Saffle, Hannu Salmi, Daniel Sheridan, Eric Schneeman, Na'ama Sheffi, Matthew Wilson Smith, Sebastian Stauss, Anthony J. Steinhoff, Emma Sutton, Katherine Syer, Christian Thorau, Corinna Treitel, David Trippett, Ulrich Troehler, Laura Tunbridge, Hans Rudolf Vaget, Steven G. Vande Moortele, Nicholas Vazsonyi, Ray M. Wakefield, Chris Walton, Hilan Warshaw, Holly Watkins, Derek Watson, William Weber, Arnold Whittall, Simon Williams, Charles Youmans, Julian Young