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Wagner and the esoteric meaning of Lohengrin

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 10 January 2013 | 5:19:00 pm

Lohengrin: Lyric Opera of Chicago

There have, of course,  been many "esoteric" analyses of Wagner's works. In 1948 "mystic" Corinne Heline published her book "Esoteric Music Based on the Musical Seership" of Richard Wagner, (still available if you look around). The book as a whole is an interesting read - and recommend. It may not be "correct" but it is no more "incorrect" than any other interpretation of Wagner's work.

Anyway, the book can now be found with generous excerpts  on Google Books - including the entire chapter contain a discussion of Lohengrin. This can be found and read  below.

Hopefully the Lohengrin chapter should appear in your browser. If not simply search for Lohengrin the search box within the book.  Clicking the link below the book will take you to google where you can access a full screen version.

An overview  was made available sometime ago at the Wagner Blog which you can read by clicking here

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