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Wagner at the 30? The Wagner Society speaks

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday 21 December 2012 | 12:31:00 am

"In March 1844 Richard Wagner was 30 and living in Dresden. In his autobiography, Mein Leben, he recounts “no recollections of any importance in [early] 1844 other than two enterprises: the first to Berlin early in the year, for the production of my fliegender Holländer, and the other in March to Hamburg for Rienzi” Ken Sunshine: Wagner News 

We often receive many replies to articles published here (so much so that we are thinking of a producing a "letter to the editor page") but nothing seems to have stirred as many replies - or indeed controversy - as The Kaplan Collections proposed photo of a 30 year old Wagner, as reported here. We will publish more on this later but for now would like to draw your attention to a wonderfully lucid examination presented in the Wagner Society (London) "Wagner News" written by their Webmaster Ken Sunshine -  the opening of which is quoted above.

This has now been made freely available to none Society members and can be read by following the link below. Highly recommended.

Read the full article here:  Wagner at 30?