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Dijon Opera announce new Ring Cycle in 2013 - in two days!

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 8 December 2012 | 1:04:00 pm

Dijon Opera have announced that in 2013 they will perform an entirely new, fully staged Ring Cycle in a festival lasting just two days! Each day will see performances of two of Wagner's Dramas: Rheingold and Walkure on day one followed by Siegfried and Götterdämmerung on day two.

In an laudable attempt to make Wagner accessible to more people, seats prices will range from 5 euros to 25 euros for a full cycle. Top seat prices at 150 Euros for a full cycle. What looks like a fine cast will include Daniel Brenna - a performer whose lyrical Siegfried we have enjoyed greatly on the past.

And the "concept and theme" that informs this cyclce? A very interesting one it would seem  In the words of Dijon Opera:

Friedelind, freedom fighter

The project as a whole adopts the reading of Wagner’s works defended by
his grand-daughter during her American exile: humanism, defence of liberty
against barbarity, poetry of the luminescent characters invented by

As a mirror to these performances, the Dijon Opera is organizing an exhibit
devoted to the unpublished archives of Friedelind Wagner (letters, photographs,
notes taken during rehearsals by Maestro Toscanini, writings
during the Second World War).

Within such time frames there will of course be obvious cuts to the text.

Dijon Bourgogne Orchestra
Choir of the Dijon Opera
Musical director Daniel Kawka
Stage director Laurent Joyeux
Dramatist & co- stage director Stephen Sazio
Scenography Damien Caille-Perret
Scenography assistant Roberta Chiarito
Costumes Claudia Jenatsch
Brünhilde Sabine Hogrefe
Siegfried Daniel Brenna
Wotan Thomas Bauer
Sieglinde | Gutrune | 3rd Norne Joséphine Weber
Siegmund Andrew Rees
Fricka | Waltraute | schwertleite | 2nd norne Manuela Bress
erda | 1st Norne Katja Starke
loge Andrew Zimmerman
mime Florian Simson
alberich | Gunther Nicholas Flowell
fafner | Hunding | Hagen Christian Hübner
fasolt Francisco-Javier Borda
Flosshilde | Siegrune | grimgerde Anna Wall


Sat 5 4 p.m. Das Rheingold 7 p.m. Die Walküre
Sun 6 4 p.m. Siegfried 8 p.m. G ötterdämmerung
Wed 9 6:30 p.m. Das Rheingold 9:30 p.m. Die Walküre
Sat 12 4 p.m. Das Rheingold 7 p.m. Die Walküre
Sun 13 4 p.m. S iegfried 8 p.m. Götterdämmerung
Tues 15 6 p.m. Siegfried 10 p.m. Götterdämmerung

More information and Tickets: Dijon Opera