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Video: "Kicking Away the Ladder" German Idealism: Kant, Goethe, Fichte

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday 2 November 2012 | 12:25:00 am


As many will know, Wagner had an obsessive interest in philosophy - and not just Schopenhauer. How important a knowledge of the ideas that he pursued is to "understand" his music is of course based on how important that is to your listening of Wagner. For those interested we will attempt to present "introductions" to these ideas over the coming months. There is of course, always a difficulty in finding suitable resources - especially in video and audio format - that are suitable and freely available. Thus many of these will be "compromises". Might be worth keeping that in mind.

A lecture at CIIS on 11/11/11 about German Idealism: Kant, Goethe, Fichte and the transformation of thinking... going beyond the threshold of the sense-bound intellect to the higher world of Imagination.

Frederick Amrine's research has been devoted primarily to Goethe, Novalis, German Idealism, and the emerging field of Literature and Science. His formal training includes an undergraduate degree in English Literature, and substantial graduate work in Philosophy and Classics at Cambridge University. Professor Amrine teaches regularly in the Great Books and Honors Programs, and he has won several awards for teaching.