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Syberberg's Parsifal available again: DVD, Download and Streaming

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 29 August 2015 | 6:45:00 am

Update (after 3 years!) : The DVD is now also available on Amazon - other retailers we are sure are available. To find on Amazon search for " Syberberg Parsifal"

The now "legendary" Syberberg, long out of circulation, has been made available once again from Filmgalerie 451. Available as either a DVD (24 Euros), as a download (4.90 euros!) or streaming on-demand (2.99 euros). Details below.

PARSIFAL (Parsifal) Hans Jürgen Syberberg, F/D 1982, 260 min

Syberberg's celebrated version of 'Parsifal' was made on the one hundredth anniversary of the opera's first performance at Bayreuth in 1882 and is staged around the looming presence of a huge replica of Wagner's death mask. Armin Jordan's acclaimed interpretation of Wagner's incomparable music unfolds against a startlingly effective and constantly changing backdrop of images and tableaux vivants, while Syberberg's camera concentrates on the expressive faces of his actors, revealing staggering performances, especially from Edith Clever as Kundry, who many agree has given the definitive interpretation, hair-raising in its intensity.

Stream & Download with English subtitles now available
DVD release on September 28th 2012.

More information: Filmgalerie

Hans Jürgen Syberberg
Hans Jürgen Syberberg
Director of Photography
Igor Luther
Set Decorator
Werner Achmann
Jutta Brandstaedter
Richard Wagner
Musikalische Leitung Armin Jordan
Mit Armin Jordan (Amfortas - gesungen von Wolfgang Schöne), Martin Sperr (Titurel - gesungen von Hans Tschammer), Robert Lloyd (Gurnemanz - gesungen von Robert Lloyd), Michael Kutter (Parsifal 1), Karin Krick (Parsifal 2 - gesungen von Rainer Goldberg), Aage Haugland (Klingsor – gesungen von Aage Haugland), Edith Clever (Kundry – gesungen von Yvonne Minton)
produced by
Hans Jürgen Syberberg