Pay Per View: Alex Ross - Richard Wagner: Horror, Beauty, a Mirror to Our Soul

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | 5:02:00 pm

While we are not fans of pay-per-view lectures we suppose someone must pay for all of those starving journalists at The New Yorker. And in his defense, he is always interesting to listen to.

There is a free preview below. If you decide it is worth $9.99 (we are are always grateful of favourable exchange rates) for the full 1 hour 29 minutes - or so - then follow the link below.

The career of Wilhelm Richard Wagner is controversial for its influence on the Nazi Party. New Yorker Music critic Alex Ross declares that, justly or unjustly, Wagner should be judged both through the prism of art and the historical context that frames it. Recorded at the New Yorker Festival

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