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Free Ebook: Feuerbach - "The Essence of Christianity"

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 3 November 2012 | 12:06:00 pm

While the majority of general commentaries often stress the influence that Schopenhauer had on Wagner, it is of little doubt that Ludwig Feuerbach, was also a great influence upon him - as Feuerbach, was on many revolutionaries in Wagners time.. This seems to have been the case while Wagner was in Dresden and continued while he was in exile. It is equally difficult to doubt that he influenced many of the ideas that have found themselves into the Ring .

Feuerbach's major work remains, "The Essence of Christianity" a work in which, to quote Aaron Green's rather neat summary:

"....Feuerbach asserted that nature is the highest reality in that it exists regardless and independent of all beliefs and philosophies. The religious figures and ideas that cultures and nations hold about "god" are merely projections of the desired qualities these groups of people wish to obtain and live by. When men and women cannot find these qualities on earth, they throw them up into the heavens, pay homage to them, and call them god. More advanced and sophisticated cultures begin to consider god(s)in a more abstract sense, and possibly associate all god-like traits with a single entity (monotheism). Despite the fact that these gods (and later "god" singular) do not exist, they still act as an important tool in understanding the needs and desires of human beings. In other words, gods did not create men; men created men. The beliefs and, "assertions we make about God are in fact assertions about ourselves."

This particular Feuerbachian belief extended to Wagner's personal religious life. Wagner never considered any religion as truth, but considered each immensely valuable in the things it revealed about the people practicing them."

The book, translated into English by George Eliot has long been in the public domain. Alas, the only versions online and free tended to be in PDF format. Recently, while looking for a Kindle ready version we noted online retailers selling such versions for £7 and more!

With that in mind we have spent a little time to present to you a highly readable version in both Kindle and Epub format below.

PDF - Read Online Here

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