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Tristan und Isolde: A picture feature. Wide Open Opera.

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 3 October 2012 | 10:32:00 am

As very regular readers will be aware we like to produce very old fashioned pictures features -  so popular long ago (and we are reliable informed becoming popular once again in certain "celebrity" magazines). So, for those that missed the performance in Dublin on Sunday - either in the theater or at home - or who are getting ready to go tonight or Sunday, or simply would like to see parts of the production again - in high resolution - then we present the following (If you click on any of the images it will bring up a full screen, sideways scrolling gallery.  We have also included an audio documentary from 2007 about the "extreme" effects that Tristan seems to have on some people.  

All Images: Wide Open Opera/Anthony Woods
Act 1

Act 2

Act 3 

Cast Details:

Creative Team

Yannis Kokkos (Original Director and Designer)
Peter Watson (Revival Director)
Guido Levi (Original Lighting Designer)
Fergus Sheil (Conductor)

Principal Singers

Lars Cleveman (Tristan)
Miriam Murphy (Isolde)
Brett Polegato (Kurwenal)
Imelda Drumm (Brangäne)
Manfred Hemm (König Marke - King Mark)
Eugene Ginty (Melot)
Owen Gilhooly (Hirt - Shepherd)
Eamonn Mulhall (Seeman - Sailor)
Gavan Ring (Steuermann - Steersman)

Chorus of Wide Open Opera:

Fearghal Curtis
Brian Gilligan
Warwick Harte
Ian Whyte
Jacek Wislocki
Cian Elliot
Niall Gallagher
Peter O’Donohue
Richard Shaffrey
Cathal Synnott

Eoghan Desmond
Barra Lysaght
West Roberts
Gerald Rogers
Tim Shaffrey
John Dempsey
Stephen Fennelly
Aaron O’Hare
Gyula Nagy
Ciaran Olohan


Wide Open Opera

Artistic Director: Fergus Sheil
Executive Producer: Gavin O’ Sullivan
Production Manager: Michael Kyle
Company Manager: Diego Fasciati
Social Media: Cian Elliot
Rupert Dussmann (Répétiteur)
Andrew Synnott (Chorus Master / Assistant Conductor)

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre Management and Technical Crew

Manager : Stephen Faloon
Deputy Manager: Isobel Rigby
Technical Manager: Liam Fitzgerald
Communications: Claire Whelan

University College Dublin Student Centre, UCD Cinema

Jason Masterson, Co-ordinator of Arts and Entertainment Events

Still Point Productions

Presenters: Olive Geoghegan, Fiona Murphy
Director/Vision Mixer: Bob Corkey
Sound Director: Paul Ashe-Browne
Sound Engineers: Paul Ashe-Browne, Greg French
Audio Facilities: AcoustiK Productions
Visuals Director: Paul Warde
Cameras: Tony Byrne, Ben Eglington, Kevin Fagan, Paul Warde, Andy o’Reilly
Visuals Facilities: Streamcast
Floor Manager: Eoin Young
VT Producer/Director: Ger Philpott
Post-Production: Derek Simon
Live Web Conversion Service: Tyrell
Assistant Producer: Ger Philpott
Producer: Jessica Fuller
Executive Producer: Jessica Fuller
Legal: Philip Lee Solicitors; 
Finance: Gaby Smyth & Co.; Jacqui Ring.

Director: Jessica Fuller
Technical Manager: Simon Doyle
Communications Manager: Nicole Matthews
Design: Jane Irwin, Simon O’ Connor
Streaming: Airspeed
Hosting: HEAnet