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The Wagnerian: Now available on Ipad, Android and more

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 21 October 2012 | 5:46:00 pm

The Wagnerian on Ipad
We have added The Wagnerian to the  Google Android/Apple App "Google Currents" - See images below.

This should allow users of any of these devices to view The Wagnerian in a way best optimized for their various devices - plus everyone seems to have an "app" nowadays. As always, these remain "advert free" and free to use - at least our little part of it..

 For more information on Google Currents please visit here: Google Currents. You can also download the app (free) from there or find it at either the Google or Apple App Store - again for free.

Once you have downloaded it you will need to "subscribe" to The Wagnerian within it.  You can do this by either searching within the App using the terms "The Wagnerian" or alternatively by clicking this link which will automatically subscribe you to the "stream" once you have the app: Subscribe To The Wagnerian in Google Currents. 

It is a work in progress at the moment and we shall add more pages and functionality - time and interest  permitting.

The Wagnerian on Android Phone

The Wagnerian on Android Tablet