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Watch Now: Robert Lepage and Peter Gelb discuss MET's Ring. (2 hrs)

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 16 September 2012 | 5:16:00 am

Robert Lepage is the 2012 Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts recipient.

This event offered a fascinating glimpse into Lepage's thinking (it says here), as he discussed his work with Peter Gelb, General Manager, Metropolitan Opera. The 90-minute program, Technology in Stagecraft and Storytelling, began with a discussion of Lepage's new production of the Ring cycle for the Metropolitan Opera but spanned Lepage's extraordinary body of work -- from film to one-man performances, Shakespeare to Peter Gabriel concerts, Cirque du Soleil productions to spectacular architectural projections. The talk included a multimedia presentation showcasing the sophisticated sets for the Ring cycle as well as many other productions, including The Image Mill, an outdoor illumination in the Québec harbor that used the surface of the Bunge grain elevators as a giant screen. The discussion of Lepage's diverse career as a multidisciplinary performance and media artist highlighted his versatility in a full range of theater craft: from directing to acting, to filmmaking and writing plays. Philip Khoury, Associate Provost and Ford International Professor of History, introduced the panelists and moderated questions from the audience