The Winifred/Hitler Letters: Katharina Wagner may take her family to court to get access

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 3 August 2012 | 12:08:00 am

Winifred & Hitler
It is without doubt true that the Wagner family seem  to take each other to court at the drop of a hat - and it seems they may be at it once more.

In a recent interview, Katharina Wagner said she may take legal action against members of the family who refused to allow open access to presently "sealed" documents dating back to Bayreuth's well publicised and  very close association with the Nazis. 

During  the interview she said: "I myself  have had no problem in making available to the public all my exclusive property and material in its entirety relating to this issue.” But this reckoning with the past – something undertaken by such large German concerns as VW, BMW and several banks – is causing friction within the Wagner clan."

Of especial contention are until now, unpublished letters between Winifred Wagner  and Adolf Hitler held by Amélie Hohmann,Winifred's  granddaughter. Hohmann sees the letters as "explosive" and has refused to release them.

While Katharina says that she wishes to work "cooperatively" with other family members she does not rule out taking legal action. And how serious is she? Enough for her solicitor Michael Brand to say: "Katharina Wagner considers the right to take all legal steps necessary if no progress on this matter is achieved"

Christmas Day family get togethers must be a joy at Bayreuth.