Where have you been and coming up next on The Wagnerian

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 | 9:21:00 am

As regular readers may be aware - confirmed by a number of very kind emails - The Wagnerian has been keeping a very low profile for the past few weeks. But do not fret, I was simply gearing-up for that festival - plus other things.

But not to worry, normal service returns today. And over the next few days, along with the usual miscellanea, get ready for the following:

Belated review of WNO Tristan und Isolde - and why Ben Heppner is once again the only hope for Tristan this centuary.

A review round-up of LFO's Gotterdammerung - and don't miss, should you have done, The Wagnerian's interview with that productions Brünnhilde here

The best places on the net to hear this years Bayreuth Festival

And more.