Productions are not the only things to be revived at Bayreuth: Angela Merkel Joins in.

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 27 July 2012 | 12:28:00 am

Lest you missed it, belt tightening, (and the most loved figure in European politics after Cameron?) Angela Merkel has joined in the Bayreuth craze of reviving old worn out productions (well perhaps at least one) - wearing a dress she wore in 2008 for the festival's opening.

Poor dear. Seems she can't even offered T K Max. Now, while the German media may have applauded the move, it seems to coincide with Moody's warning that Germany may lose its triple A rating. A bit like Lohengrin Rats deserting a sinking ship? Related? Unlikely, but how else could we get yet another Lohengrin Rat pun in this year.