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Wagner Society Of Israel's Wagner Concert canceled once more

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 11 June 2012 | 8:12:00 pm

Tel Aviv Hilton cancels Wagner performance despite signing contract

Following cancellation by Tel Aviv University, Israel Wagner Society is having trouble finding a venue for the show.

The Israel Wagner Society is continuing in its efforts to find a venue for a concert of pieces by Richard Wagner, without much success.

Last week, the society found a venue in which to hold a concert this coming Saturday, the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel. A few days later however, hotel ownership changed its mind and cancelled the show.

"Everything was agreed upon with the Hildon's management," said Yonathan Livni, founder of the Israel Wagner Society. "Even the type of chairs – we signed a detailed contract, including which pieces would be played," continued Livni. On Friday afternoon however, despite the signed contract, and after advertisements were posted in newspapwers, the Hilton handed down the decision to cancel the show.

"We don’t know the reason for cancellation," said Livni. "Meanwhile, this whole ordeal is dragging out huge expenses."