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Read Jay Hunter Morris' Autobiography - free.

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 13 June 2012 | 7:25:00 pm

Edit 20/4/2013: While this was free from Jay Hunters Website it is no longer. It can now be found for sale at amazon. 

Visit his website and you can download his autobiography (actually more a somewhat idiosyncratic if rather amusing - and not unintelligent, series of diary entries): "Diary Of A Redneck Opera Zinger" for free

Want to know why he got into a fight in "Safeways"? Curious to know why he hates hippies  and demanded a refund for farting? |Want to  know what happened when he met John Lithgow? Or his first night performing Siegfried?
Then visit his website by clicking here or going directly to the PDF of his book by clicking here. I should warn you however, if you're not from the USA, there are places where you may need a translator - just occasionally.