Listen Now: Don Carlo, VSO. Vargas, Stoyanova, Papa, Keenlyside, et

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 18 June 2012 | 9:12:00 am

Off topic but I do like Don Carlo - and it does include the odd Wagnerian. Made available, and streaming on demand, by Latvian Classical Radio. Broadcast yesterday and presently in their program archive. I have no idea how long they will keep it available, so catch it while you can. Click either of the links below to play in the music player of your choice. Starts at around 10 minutes

Don Carlo
Ramón Vargas
Elisabetta di Valois
Krassimira Stoyanova
La Principessa d'Eboli
Luciana D'Intino
Filippo II
René Pape
Rodrigo, Marchese di Posa
Simon Keenlyside
Il Grande Inquisitore
Eric Halfvarson
Un Frate
Dan Paul Dumitrescu
Ileana Tonca
Il Conte di Lerma
Carlos Osuna
Voce dal Cielo
Valentina Nafornita
Conductor: Franz Welser-Möst
Director: Daniele Abbado
Set Designs: Maurizio Balò
Costumes:Carla Teti