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Bayreuth Parsifal in HD: One UK cinema confirms booking open

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 13 June 2012 | 9:05:00 pm

Considering the hype provided by Bayreuth for this event, trying to find a cinema outside of Germany or Switzerland showing it is similar to trying to get a ticket to actually see it at Bayreuth! However, we can finally confirm at least one UK cinema will be showing it: The Warwick Arts Centre- part Of Warwick University and actually just outside of Coventry. Should warn you though, having been there it isn't, as we recall,  very big and there are not that many seats

Details and booking below, should we find any others we will let you know. As you might expect from Bayreuth (anyone listening here or taking hints?) the official website has not been updated.

Bayreuth Festival Live Screening: Parsifal

Sat 11 Aug 2.45pm
Cinema £25.50 (£20.50)

The Bayreuth Festival is one of the most renowned and acclaimed opera festivals in the world, dedicated solely to the works of Richard Wagner. Every year, around 60,000 visitors from across the world are drawn to Bayreuth to experience one of its outstanding performances.

Demand for tickets always outstrips supply, and the waiting list for tickets reputedly takes ten years to surmount. But this year, Warwick Arts Centre is providing you with a unique opportunity to jump the queue and witness a Bayreuth production without leaving the Coventry area. For the first time ever, there will be a live screening of Parsifal, beamed direct from the Bayreuth Festival to the cinema screen here at Warwick.

An opera in three acts, it tells the story of the Arthurian Knight Parsifal (Percival) and his search for the Holy Grail. The role of Parsifal will be performed by Burkhard Fritz, with Kundry performed by Susan Maclean.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to see a performance from one of the most in demand festivals in the world, and the spiritual home of Wagner.

Running time: Approx 6 hours (includes two intervals and two interval programmes).

For Booking Information: Click Here