Wondering where you can see the Bayreuth Parsifal in cinemas outside of Germany?

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday, 17 May 2012 | 2:32:00 pm

Us too oddly enough. As you will be aware, Bayreuth announced earlier, that this years Parsifal would be relayed in cinemas around Europe - and possibly the USA. But it certainly seemed confirmed that the UK would be included. However, while the Festival's dedicated website now includes dates and places for Germany and Switzerland there is nothing about elsewhere in the world.

So, the Wagnerian has spoken to the distribution company (My Screen Event) requesting further information - but alas has yet to receive a response.

Should you wish to try and get a response yourself, My Screen Event can be contacted in a number of different ways:

Via their website

Via their Facebook  Page

Or their twitter account.

In their defense however, they have been rather busy with their recent cinema relays which have included the special one time only cultural event of a joint New Kids On The Block/Back Street Boys reunion  tour (surely members of both bands must be in their forties by now?)

Should we get any further news we will let you know of course.