Melba Recordings release 2 disc highlight set of the Adelaide 2004 Ring Cycle

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday, 24 May 2012 | 11:25:00 am

Available as an MP3 or Flac download (other formats available)  but to be followed by a full 2 SACD set in June. It might provide a good, and inexpensive,  taster to what is still a very expensive full Ring Cycle (£50 per drama) - especially with the entire Bohm Ring now available at less than half that or the  Solti now selling at around £79. It is however, a full SACD release and it is  also pleasing to see a company release downloads in better formats than MP3.  Cast below, more details and samples available by visiting their site.

More information:  Melba Recordings
Asher Fisch, State Opera of South Australia
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra


John Bröcheler (Wotan)
Lisa Gasteen (Brünnhilde)
Gary Rideout (Siegfried) (Siegfried)
Timothy Mussard  (Siegfried) (Götterdämmerung)
Stuart Skelton (Siegmund)
Deborah Riedel (Sieglinde)
John Wegner (Alberich)
Richard Greager (Mime)
Elizabeth Campbell (Fricka & Waltraute) (Götterdämmerung)
Liane Keegan (Erda, Waltraute (Die Walküre) & First Norn)
Christopher Doig (Loge)
David Hibbard (Fafner)
Timothy DuFore (Donner)
Andrew Brunsdon (Froh)
Duccio dal Monte (Hagen)
Kate Lader (Freia, Helmwige & Third Norn)
Donna-Maree Dunlop (Wellgunde & Rossweise)
Zan McKendree-Wright (Flosshilde & Schwertleire)
Natalie Jones (Woglinde)
Gaye MacFarlane (Siegrunde & Second norn)
Elizabeth Stannard (Gerhilde)
Lisa Harper-Brown (Ortlinde)
Jennifer Barnes (Grimgerde)