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A new Wagner/Verdi book: 1813 - Wagner & Verdi

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 15 April 2012 | 10:05:00 am

I am attempting to buy a copy of this at the moment. The author, Peter Bassett, has presented some very interesting essays and papers on Wagner's work (many of which are free to read on his website here). Below, is the publishers description - illustrations are from the book.

This beautiful book has been published to mark the bicentenary of the births of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi whose operas continue to enrich the lives of opera lovers everywhere. They were born at a time when Europe was convulsed by the Napoleonic wars, and when the nation states of Germany and Italy did not yet exist. Each became a master of musical-dramatic forms and transformed the way music was composed for the theatre. Their influence extended well beyond the stage.

Peter Bassett’s new study of these two great figures of the nineteenth century is richly illustrated in full colour with art works drawn from opera houses, museums and private collections. It features insightful commentaries and magnificent photographs of locations associated with the composers and their works. It is printed on high quality art paper and runs to 232 pages in large format.