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Listen to the VSO/Thielemann Ring Cycle, on-demand for 7 days

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 29 April 2012 | 2:35:00 am

ORF is presently broadcasting the Thielemann lead Vienna State Opera production of the Ring Cycle from 2011. They began Friday with Rheingold, continued Saturday with Walkure These are now available at ORF on-demand for the next seven days. The cycle will continue with Siegfried on Tuesday 1 May and conclude on Saturday 5 May.

To listen click either  link which will launch the ORF mediaplayer

To listen to Rheingold  click here

To listen to Walkure Click here



Albert Dohmen (Wotan), Markus Eiche (Donner), Herbert Lippert (Froh), Adrian Eröd (Loge), Janina Baechle (Fricka), Alexandra Reinprecht (Freia), Anna Larsson (Erda), Tomasz Konieczny (Alberich), Wolfgang Schmidt (Mime), Lars Woldt (Fasolt), Ain Anger (Fafner), Ileana Tonca (Woglinde), Ulrike Helzel (Wellgunde) und Zoryana Kushpler (Flosshilde)
Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper, Conducted: Christian Thielemann
(1. November 2011 in der Wiener Staatsoper)

Die Walküre

 Christopher Ventris (Siegmund), Eric Halfvarson (Hunding), Albert Dohmen (Wotan), Waltraud Meier (Sieglinde), Katarina Dalayman (Brünnhilde), Janina Baechle (Fricka), Donna Ellen (Helmwige), Ildikó Raimondi (Gerhilde), Alexandra Reinprecht (Ortlinde), Aura Twarowska (Waltraute), Ulrike Helzel (Siegrune), Monica Bohinec (Grimgerde), Zoryana Kushpler (Schwertleite), Juliette Mars (Roßweiß)
Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper; Conducted: Christian Thielemann
(6. November 2011)