Hengelbrock is out, Thielemann is in. Bayreuth's 2012 Tannhäuser .

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 7 March 2012 | 1:31:00 am

Christian Thielemann; "So what if me Mum cuts my hair?"
Sorry, that updates have been a little sparse of late - this is likely to continue for much of this month and for that I apologize. But anyway:

According to much of the German press, Christian Thielemann will not only be conducting Bayreuth's new Dutchman this year but will also take over from  Thomas Hengelbrock to conduct Baumgarten's "innovative" staging of Tannhäuser.. Why? Details are a little sketchy at the moment,  apart from the fact that Hengelbrock has failed to renew his contract with the Green Hill. Maybe he simply couldn't stand another year of Tannhäuser running around in a pair of old Boxer Shorts?

And what does Bayreuth say in badly, and loosely,  translated German? "With Thielemann at the podium Tannhäuser will be in the best hands musically" Now, if only they could say the same thing about the director.

More (in German) at the sources below: