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Listen Today: MET Gotterdammerung - 17:00 London

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 11 February 2012 | 10:00:00 am

UPDATE: If you missed it live, click here to listen to it for the next seven days.

So, you might not forget to listen at a time more friendly to those in Europe:

Click here to listen on BBC Radio 3.

For those to whom Radio 3 is unavailable might I suggest going to Opera Cast where you will find a list of Radio stations broadcasting this on air and also through the net.

Click here for Opera Cast

Presented by Margaret Juntwait with guest commentator Ira Siff
Brünnhilde..... Deborah Voigt (Soprano)
Gutrune..... Wendy Bryn Harmer (Bass)
Waltraute..... Waltraud Meier (Mezzo-soprano)
Siegfried..... Jay Hunter Morris (Tenor)
Gunther..... Iain Paterson (Baritone)
Alberich..... Eric Owens (Baritone)
Hagen..... Hans-Peter König (Bass)
First Norn..... Maria Radner (Contralto)
Second Norn..... Elizabeth Bishop (Mezzo-soprano)
Third Norn..... Heidi Melton (Soprano)
Woglinde..... Erin Morley (Soprano)
Wellgunde..... Jennifer Johnson Cano (Soprano)
Flosshilde..... Tamara Mumford (Mezzo-soprano)
New York Metropolitan Opera Chorus
New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Conductor....Fabio Luisi.

Hans-Peter König as Hagen

(c) Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera

Waltraud Meier as Waltraute

(c) Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera

Iain Paterson as Gunther and Jay Hunter Morris as Siegfried

(c) Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera

Tamara Mumford as Flosshilde, Jennifer Johnson Cano as Wellgunde, and Erin Morley as Woglinde

(c) Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera


On the Valkyries' rock, three Norns spin the rope of Fate, recalling Wotan's days of power and predicting the end of the Gods. When the rope breaks they descend in terror to their mother, Erda, goddess of the earth. At dawn Siegfried and his bride, Brünnhilde, emerge from their cave ("Zu neuen Taten"). Though fearful that she may lose the hero, she sends him forth to deeds of valor. As a token of his love, Siegfried gives Brünnhilde the magic Ring he took from Fafner, and she gives him her horse Grane in exchange. Passionately they bid farewell as Siegfried sets off into the world (Rhine Journey).

Scene from Act II

(c) Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera