René Kollo to go back on the road, this time reading from his new novel.

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 19 December 2011 | 11:38:00 pm

In case you missed, Rene Kollo - yes that Rene Kollo - has written his first novel. No, not a memoir, but a psychological thriller called, wait for it, The Murder of Little Tannhauser. While it took him ten years to write it (in fairness, between engagments,) and despite it's title is nothing to do with that Tannhauser or opera at all.

While  I am sure that is nothing new,  should you wish to catch him reading excerpts, and perhaps a little singing, you can catch him doing so in January - details below. Anyway, that's my excuse for a little Kollo Siegfried out of the way

Tickets  available now online and www.kulturverein