The Wagnerian Weekly: 21/08/11 - Does Klaus Florian Vogt sing in the shower?

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 21 August 2011 | 4:05:00 am

Vogt: Does he sing in the shower?
As normal, there is much in this that is not covered here on the site. This week includes:

The MET asks that the 15 year old "Met Futures" Blog is closed down

The Wagnerian provides a Wagner related guide to the Gramophone Music Awards 2011

A review of Jaap van Zweden new Parsifal release

Advice on how to find cheap opera tickets in the UK

A rather puerile interview with Klaus Florian Vogt, including such revealing questions as "Do you sing in the shower?"

Simon Callow says opera has never been more alive

James Levine undergoes further surgery

And much, much more.

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