Missed A Bayreuth Live Broadcast? Then Listen to them here - while you can

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 31 July 2011 | 7:47:00 am

Bayreuth has now completed its first cycle this year and every opera has been broadcast. But wait. What if you missed one? Don't worry, you can still listen to them for a little bit longer and on demand. How? By going to Bartok Radio clicking the date of the opera you want, then clicking play at the program starting at 15:55. Simples!

What? Can't be bothered to go and find out the date of the opera you want? What? Can't be bothered to navigate the Bartok site? Ok. Ok. I'll tell you what:. go to the opera you want below, click Listen Now and it will take you to the correct Bartok page. You will still have to click play at the item at 15:55 though.

Monday 25. July,                               Tannhäuser                                       Listen Now

Tuesday 26. July,                              Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg        Listen Now

Wednesday 27. July,                          Lohengrin                                         Listen Now

Thursday 28. July,                              Parsifal                                             Listen Now

Friday 29. July,                                  Tristan und Isolde                             Listen Now

For cast details click the opera concerned