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Not going to San Francisco's Ring Cycle? Well look what you are missing: A Ring In Pictures

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday, 18 June 2011 | 4:26:00 am

It would seem that SF Opera's Ring cycle is selling out fast. Considering it only happens every 10 years or so it may be your last chance to to see the Cycle in SF for a while. So, just in case you are still undecided, here, in HD, is what used to be known in my day as a "Photo Feature" of SF's Ring Cycle. I have even added an audio documentary introduction to the Ring, Ring Cycles and the people that go to them - to boot!. Media and Wagner heavy, your computer may enter its own Gotterdammerung - you have been warned!

Click Below To Enter Valhalla - BUT WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. (All Images: Cory Weaver/San Francisco Opera)

The Ring and I - Radiolab

Das Rheingold

Gordon Hawkins (Alberich) steals the Rhinegold from the Rhinemaidens

Andrea Silvestrelli (Fasolt) and Daniel Sumegi (Fafner)

David Cangelosi (Mime)

Stefan Margita (Loge) in Nibelheim

Gordon Hawkins (Alberich) curses the Ring

Melissa Citro (Freia), Brandon Jovanovich (Froh), Gerd Grochowski (Donner),
Elizabeth Bishop (Fricka) and Mark Delavan (Wotan)

Die Walkure

Brandon Jovanovich (Siegmund) and Anja Kampe (Sieglinde)

 Anja Kampe (Sieglinde), Daniel Sumegi (Hunding)
and Brandon Jovanovich

Brandon Jovanovich (Siegmund) and Anja Kampe (Sieglinde) with Nothung

Mark Delavan (Wotan) and Nina Stemme(Brünnhilde

Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde), Anja Kampe (Sieglinde)and Brandon Jovanovich
Mark Delavan (Wotan) and Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde)


David Cangelosi (Mime)

Jay Hunter Morris (Siegfried)

Mark Delavan (The Wanderer, Wotan)

Fafner and Jay Hunter Morris (Siegfried)

Jay Hunter Morris (Siegfried)

Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde)


Heidi Melton (Third Norn), Daveda Karanas (Second Norn)
and Ronnita Miller (First Norn). Photo by Cory Weaver.

an Storey (Siegfried) and Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde

Melissa Citro (Gutrune), Andrea Silvestrelli (Hagen)
and Gerd Grochowski (Gunther).

Andrea Silvestrelli (Hagen) and Gordon Hawkins (Alberich)

Ian Storey (Siegfried) and Melissa Citro (Gutrune).

 Stacey Tappan (Woglinde), Lauren McNeese (Wellgunde)
and Renee Tatum (Flosshilde).

Lauren McNeese (Wellgunde), Renee Tatum (Flosshilde)
and Stacey Tappan (Woglinde) with the Ring.