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ARTE to begin to broadcast Bayreuth Festival live on TV

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday 28 June 2011 | 4:11:00 am

Of Mice and Knights

The Bayreuth Festival will be screened live on television for the first time during the 2011 season, in an agreement signed between the arts broadcaster ARTE and general director,  Katharina Wagner

The cultural/arts channel ARTE will transmit one show each year from the Bayreuth Festival

The agreement was signed with the event's general director Katharina Wagner. The first screening will be Wagner's "Lohengrin" directed by Hans Neuenfels on 14 August 2011 (See below for cast)

Lohengrin will be hosted on ARTE by Annette Gerlach in the afternoon and evening along with, as yet, unannounced  guests.

Edit: I have checked the ARTE website and elsewhere but as yet no confirmation as to whether this will also be included in ARTE's webcasts. 

Lohengrin cast 2011

Lohengrin - Klaus Florian Vogt
Heinrich der Vogler  -Georg Zeppenfeld
Elsa von Brabant - Annette Dasch
Friedrich von Telramund - Tómas Tómasson
Ortrud - Petra Lang
Der Heerrufer des Königs - Samuel Youn