Friday 26 April 2013

Bayreuth Festival Names New Managing Director - Heinz Dieter Sense

Heinz Dieter Sense
Eva Wagner-Pasquier and Katharina Wagner are to be joined by a new and third director atop the Green Hill as Heinz Dieter Sense joins as Commercial Director.

It seems the appointment, initially for two years,  is the result of the recent investigation into mismanagement at the festival.

Sense, was previously artistic director at Deutsche Oper Berlin for a few months and then at the Eutiner Festspiele. When he left that post, the Eutiner Festspiele was unfortunately bankrupt.

Exactly what influence he will have over any artistic decisions at the festival are still not clear. Equally, what impact, if any, this will have with the Wagner Societies ongoing battle to get back their ticket allocation remains to be seen