Thursday 27 September 2012

Twilight of the Gods: MET/Lepage Ring released on CD. Listen here

We have already mentioned it but for those that may have missed it: a 2 disc highlight CD.  As anyone who has experienced opera live,  then in some form of visual media distribution and then in audio format only;  they can be very different experiences. We also find that "highlight" discs offer an even further form of experience. The newest MET ring proves to be no different.

Our thoughts? We would need to listen to it a few more times - however, at present, it would not replace the Bohm/Bayreuth highlights disc. Although Terfel's Wanderer seems especially effective so far.

For those without Spotify there are links to Amazon at the bottom of the page to listen to samples of both. As always, should you decide to purchase one - or both -  we recommend "looking around".