Sunday 28 May 2023

A Concerned Author Suggests What Form The New, 1914, Covent Garden Ring Cycle Might Take

Those who critique the arts are ever-abounding in opinions. And the question of what constitutes a “superior” rendition of the Ring Cycle has long been a source of contention. As proof, presented here is a page from “The Illustrated London News" of the 25th April 1914, which employs both words and images to examine various possibilities for the scenic design of Wagner’s magnum opus. Also included is a schedule of all the operas by Wagner that would grace the stage of Covent Garden in the forthcoming season. To complement this, they offer two portraits of the esteemed Herr Johannes Sembach, portraying Siegmund in Die Walk├╝re and the eponymous hero in Lohengrin. Clicking on the image should allow you to read the text. From the archives of the V&A