Monday 13 August 2012

Jonathan Meese goes to Bayreuth, draws some swastikas and why the Wagnerian is saying nothing

Update: Added Meese's discussion of the dictatorship of art and the neutrality of the swastika.

People have asked why the Wagnerian has not commented or mentioned Jonathan Meese's appointment as the Director of Bayreuth's new Parsifal in 2016. Well, let us let you in on a secret: having seen some of his work, we are unconvinced that he isn't the latest persona from Sacha Baron Cohen. Well, if Bayreuth aren't taking things seriously...

Anyway, least you missed them, here is Herr Meese at Bayreuth - plus some posters he has done. And Meese with his mum at Bayreuth - warms the cockles doesn't it? Click any image for a full screen view.  Oh, and just to give you an idea of what you might expect in 2016 here is some of his "performance art" from 2006. And in the final video Meese talks about the "Dictatorship" of art and the nutrality of the swastika - with English subs.