Monday 13 August 2012

And the winner is: The Wagnerian Caption Competition 1 (redux)

Have to say that in the interest of fairness one asked some people not involved in The Wagnerian to judge. Plus, there were far to many entries for just one person to get through. And so it was that I locked them away, with a few cans of Carlsberg Extra and a copy of the worst Tristan ever committed to record (nope, I'm not saying which one - perhaps a future competition?) until they picked one. And the winner is?

From twitter: @:

"Banana peel on deck - works every time, mein Herr Tristan!"

Notable mentions have to include:

@greymagus "I think I forgot to turn off the kettle"
@littlemurphydog (who's Wagner Blog "Sacrifice" is worth checking out) "Uh, what opera are we doing?"
Facebook: David Enos "With Wally and Beaver out for a sleepover, Ward and June Cleaver finally spend an intimate evening together."

A copy of one of the better Tristan's - no not the worse ones - is heading its way to the winner as I type - or at least once I know they have read this.